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Delivering Pets On Time

Trusted Dog Transport Services including Pet Relocation & Delivery

Turn to our dog transport service for reliable cross-country delivery of your pooch. RedWing Hound Haulers in Mountain View, Arkansas, provides pet relocation and shipping that focuses on your dog's health, comfort, and well-being. Our services are especially convenient for:

  • Bringing Your Dog with You When Moving into a New Place 
  • Purchasing a Dog Out of State
  • Sending Your Dog to Breeders or Trainers in a Far Location 
  • Rescue Organizations Sending Dogs to New Owners
Dog Transport

Pet Comfort

We create bedding comprised of cedar shavings for your dogs to sleep in. We also provide them with food and water, and let them out every six hours.

Transport Logistics

Up to 35 animals can be transported in our truck at any given time. We have three individual boxes in our gooseneck trailer that can accommodate dogs of all sizes.


Transporting puppies (6 months old and younger) cost $425 for each. Adult dogs (over 6 months old), on the other hand, go for $475. Particularly large dogs (those that weigh over 150 lb.) can be transported for $650. Discount rates are offered to rescue organizations.

Contact us in Mountain View, Arkansas, for dependable dog transport services.